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Renowned athletes look for SOCCER TRAINER to train:
André Dias, formerly Vasco, Cruzeiro and América again sought ST training to remain conditioned to perform in Santa Cruz de Recife. The player hit the club from Pernambuco, but asked the leaders for another 15 days to stay in Belo Horizonte training at SOCCER.
Sandro, champion of the triple crown with Cruzeiro in 2003, trained in SOCCER TRAINER, for a month before presenting at Botafogo-PB.
Thiaguinho, top scorer and champion of the Brazilian Under-20 Championship of 2010 for Cruzeiro, remained conditioned in SOCCER TRAINER, before performing in Vasco da Gama-RJ in January 2013. He brought the talented player, his 16-year-old brother Dudu to prepare in ST.
- Elmo, coordinator and physical trainer of ST, receives a list of shortcomings of positions of Fluminense-RJ. This shows that the work is being recognized beyond the borders of Minas Gerais.
- Through the contacts of SOCCER TRAINER, the 19-year-old Roberto Mozart joins the Polish club.
- Athletes born in the years 97 and 98 of the ST defeat the pre-infantile team of America-MG by 2 x 1 in friendly realized in Santa Luzia-MG. The goals were scored by Dudu and Thiago Augusto.

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Through the contacts that the coach Elmo has inside the big clubs of the capital (Athletic, Cruzeiro and America), athletes of SOCCER TRAINER realize friendly games against these teams. These games serve as an observation lab for these players. After the games the coaches of these teams indicate those featured athletes to participate in a week of testing in the clubs.
- After physical tests performed after 8 weeks of training coaches verify great evolution in the physical abilities of the athletes. VO2 max (indicative of the aerobic condition) of the athletes is at the level of professional athletes.
- The athlete Vitor Freitas athlete of SOCCER TRAINER is approved in test in Clube Atlético Mineiro and goes through a period of tests in the International / RS.
- Coach Elmo gets field from the CT Lana Drummond of America Football Club for weekly workouts.
- Game against Atletico surprises everyone in the City of Rooster. Technical committee of the team alvinegra highly praises SOCCER TRAINER athletes.
- After match against Athletic the athlete Sérgio Vitor is invited to participate in a week of training at Atletico.
- Professional teams are eyeing SOCCER TRAINER athletes. The União Luziense, team that will dispute the championship mining of the second division is interested by athletes who stood out in friendly.



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