The trainings are conducted in the same way that are performed in big clubs, because the coaches undergo training, updates and internships in the clubs of Belo Horizonte.


Four levels of training are observed:

1. Athletes who have never held high-performance training and looking to start training to perform tests in football clubs.

2nd. based athletes who are without a club and have trained in high yield and await another opportunity.

3 Pros on vacation or without a club who want to maintain fitness.

4. Athletes recovering from injuries and need to improve fitness. 
The SOCCER TRAINER ensures the athlete that he is physically fit to perform tests at clubs after a certain period of training, this can be shorter or longer depending on the condition of each. The company also has business owners who regularly observe training and friendlies (these are carried out depending on the number of athletes in training). The coach and physical trainer Elmo and his partner Daniel (Goalkeeper Trainer) have contacts within major clubs in Brazil and can thus indicate their athletes for testing.

Search this pioneering work in Belo Horizonte and stay in total conditions to develop the best of his football !



Elmo is professional football former athlete with passages in Brazil and abroad clubs after ending his career graduated in Physical Education and possess graduate in Sports Coaching UFMG.



Daniel is goalkeeping coach with internships at big clubs in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte and coach formed by ABTF (Brazilian Association of Football Coaches)


Rebert Junio ​​de Almeida Gonçalves 

Personal trainer

Bachelor degree in the institution of UNI-BH Education

Ex-based athlete with passages by Cruise youth teams, athletic, America, Vila Nova, BHFC

and Fluminense of Rio de Janeiro. Former Athlete Amateur Esmeraldas by Minas Brazil / MG




Leandro Leandro de Deus santos: former professional athlete  
clubs: Miner Athletic Borussia Dortmund in Germany, SonderjyskE in Denmark today graduated professor of football with a record CREF 026349-P / MG


Hiron Guimarães

Degree in Education 
Physics at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC)

Ex futsal athlete Minas Tennis Club and Clube Atlético Mineiro with calls for mining selection



Lucas Lacorte

Bachelor of Physical Education - PUC / MG 
Graduate Student in Physical Preparation and Sports - UFMG 
Fitness Coach II - Training Center FIVE 
Physical Preparation - AAISR Swimming Paralympic 
1st Congress Football Sciences Palmeiras - Football beyond the four lines 
Personal Trainer Fitness and Sports  
FMS Level 1 Certified  
TRX Certified  
SuperCore®, Personal Training, Physical Evaluation, Exercise - ENAF  
Plan 2Fit® - Body Art Academy - development and implementation.